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Don’t risk dependencies or addiction to medicine. Choose chiropractic care first.

Dr. Brett Franson’s chiropractic care in Westchase is a safe, effective option for pain management: back, neck, or chronic neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, and headaches – among other conditions. The clinic offers a holistic experience by treating the underlying physiological and psychological causes without resorting to surgery or drugs to treat chronic pain.

Over 22 million Americans seek chiropractors every year for a variety of relief measures. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Franson has been specifically trained in clinical evaluations and diagnosis to provide you with non-pharmaceutical care and rehabilitation.

By providing the best chiropractic care in Westchase, Houston his techniques are geared towards:
• Injury rehabilitation
• Pain reduction
• Healthy lifestyle

Besides, Dr Franson has worked with dozens of healthcare practitioners across Texas to accumulate a gamut of best practices for effective recovery.

Dr. Franson’s Chiropractic Services in Westchase, TX

Dr. Brett Franson specializes in a variety of pain-relieving practices. By focusing on the spine, he ensures that patients get quick and progressive results. His services include:

Neck Pain

Whether it is stress, bad posture, or texting too much, neck pains have become a common ailment among adults as well as youth. Dr. Franson’s neck therapy includes an in-depth understanding of how the brain and the body are connected. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Westchase, Houston, Dr. Franson is the person to approach.


Thirty-nine million Americans suffer from migraines. If you are one of them, it is time you head to Dr. Franson’s chiropractic clinic in Westchase, Houston. Dr. Franson’s therapy detects the root cause of migraines. By restoring the lost function to the patient’s neuro-spinal system, he ensures to eliminate it forever. You can look forward to a healthy life and higher productivity.

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs, if left untreated, can cause excessive pain and discomfort to your body. Dr. Franson takes extreme care to aptly release the pressure on the nerves for a faster healing process. For a safe and natural treatment of your herniated disc, seek services nearby in Westchase, Houston.

Chronic Pain

Any injury or lifestyle-related activity could induce chronic pain in several body parts. Untreated pain can intensify over time and damage your body. Instead of providing painkillers, Dr. Franson’s chiropractic therapy helps in effectively reducing the pain and eliminating it forever. With his impeccable care, you will soon be pain-free to live the life you want.

Back Pain

Prolonged back pain can hamper productivity in your professional as well as personal life. Appropriate chiropractic techniques will heal your back pain entirely by using non-surgical methods and minimal medication. If you want the best chiropractor in Westchase, Houston, to treat your back pain, head to Dr. Franson’s clinic.


Any injury or articular structural changes could lead to a spinal vertebra move out of its location. This ailment is subluxation for which Dr. Franson provides the ideal chiropractic care. With his years of experience, he possesses world-class techniques to restore your vertebra into position with minimal pain.


Sciatica can cause chronic pain, which requires the right chiropractic care for effective healing. Dr. Franson’s effective strategies improve circulation around the tissues and realign the lumbar discs. You must seek the proper remedy to avoid any future problems. Dr. Franson offers the best chiropractic therapy in Westchase, Houston.

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Dr. Brett Franson’s clinic in Westchase, Houston, is your go-to option for any pain or injury-related cases. If you are located around Westheimer RoadRichmond Avenue, or Houston Center Boulevard, Dr. Franson’s chiropractic treatment is your nearest and most dependable solution.

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