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    Treating Stress to Eliminate Symptoms through Chiropractic Care

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      What is a Chiropractor?

      A chiropractor is a health care professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. We as chiropractors seek to reduce pain and improve the functionality of patients as well as to educate them on how they can account for their own health via exercise, ergonomics and other therapies to treat back pain. Chiropractic is generally categorized as alternative medicine or complementary medicine.

      Walk In Chiropractic Clinic

      A walk-in chiropractor refers to a affordable chiropractor who provides chiropractic services without requiring an appointment beforehand. This means that patients can simply walk into the chiropractor’s office and receive treatment on the spot. This type of chiropractor offers a convenient option for individuals who need immediate or urgent care, or who may not have the flexibility to schedule an appointment in advance. However, it’s important to note that some walk-in chiropractors may have limited availability or may not be able to accommodate all patients at all times, depending on their workload and other factors.

      Franson Chiropractic Difference

      Best-Rated Chiropractor in 77077

      Backed by over 30 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Brett Franson is a walk in chiropractor that truly believes that health comes from within. That’s why he leverages the body’s natural healing power to help you deal with pain and restore lost bodily function. The chiropractic techniques are safe, natural, and medicine-free, ensuring long-term healing and well-being. Dr. Franson’s chiropractic therapies focus on the spine and ensure results quickly and progressively.

      His ability to ask the right questions and leverage the answers in your treatment make a lot of difference. He goes beyond the physical body to understand the physiological factors that may be a cause of your pain.

      With Dr. Franson, a Houston walk in chiropractor you can regain your quality of life, restore normal function, and look forward to a healthy and happy future! Trust Houston TX Chiropractor in 77077, Brett Franson, for all of your chiropractic needs.

      Are you asking where can I find a cheap walk in chiropractor near me? Well, Franson Chiropractor is conveniently located on the West side of Houston TX to serve areas to include:



      Energy Corridor,

      Memorial and Eldridge

      Dr. Franson is an excellent chiropractor. I feel a lot better after only one visit, will go again. He has very interesting information that compliments his practice. I definitely recommend him! 👍👍👍


      Simply the best, most compassionate, genuine and kindest chiropractor in the world. Houston doesn’t deserve you! I have had the pleasure of being adjusted by Brett for years on and off. When I was living in another city I tried desperately to find a replacement but there was nobody. I came back to Brett because I was told I’d need surgery on my spine. I had been having headaches DAILY for a month. My doctor ordered an MRI on my
      Neck and head. I went to Brett and I swear to god after ONE adjustment I had my first headache free day. This is an absolutely true review and anyone can message me to confirm my story. I’m sure that not everyone responds that quickly but this was my true experience. I’ve been coming as often as possible (once or twice a week) and haven’t taken a single dose of ibuprofen. I was taking them so often that it was effecting my stomach and hormones. He is fantastic!

      Jenifer Ribbans

      I can not say enough good things about Dr. Franson! Months of lower back pain gone after just one visit. He truly is one of a kind, so knowledgeable and compassionate! You can text him, call him or just walk-in.

      Heidy Anderson

      Dr. Franson is awesome at what he does! I came in with nagging lower back pain, and I left out feeling 1000% better after each adjustment. Not only is he great at what he does, but I also appreciate the fact the he also has tons of Knowledge that coincides with the adjustments. Thanks Dr. Franson ☺️

      Renea Morgan

      Brett Franson is a awesome chiropractor in Houston! I highly recommend him for Chronic Neck and Back Pain. He customizes his procedure to what you need. It is not scary at all. Completely trust him. Thanks Brett!

      Matt Bertram

      I used to have severe lower back pain due to scoliosis and it was difficult to sit in a car for more than an hour. Not only is the back pain gone but I was able to do a road trip recently and drove to Tennessee and back with no back pain! I have also noticed my posture has greatly improved as well as my energy level because I feel so much better! I have been to other Chiropractors and they often do not listen to and what your particular situation or problem is. Dr Franson LISTENS. I highly recommend this Chirpractor.

      Toni Blackwell
      Brett’s been my Chiropractor for 30 years and he is the best at what he does.
      Jonny Curtis

      I’ve had two adjustment sessions with Brett. He is very personable. If you feel pre-cautious about seeing a chiropractor, you should definitely start here. I carry alot of stress in my neck and I made sure that he was aware of this prior to my session. He gave me a full run down on the process and how he’d address my problem areas. He then, talked me through what he was doing as he did it. I felt so much better after the session. A true sigh of relief… I’ve been recommending him to all of my friends! Thanks Franson Chiropractic!

      Dana Emerson

      Chronic Pain

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      Chronic pain is often a result of some injury or bad lifestyle habits. It can be a car accident, a fall, or any stress that converts into lasting pain in your body. With the epidemic of painkillers in the country, chiropractic care offers an alternative technique to deal with your chronic pain and reduce it forever. Drug-free pain management helps in leading a pain-free life and also prevents drug addiction. With individualized treatment plans, Dr. Franson chiropractor ensures your pain is gone forever using spinal manipulations, therapies, and counseling.


      Neck Pain

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      Postural and psychological stress are common causes of neck pain in younger generations. Franson’s chiropractic techniques involve a lot of holistic healing for neck pain. He treats your body as an entire unit and understands that your brain and body are regularly communicating with each other. When there is any problem in mind, it might reflect on your body, too. He also strongly believes that stress is a leading cause of neck pain. Tension can cause muscles to tighten and aggravate your pain levels. By diminishing your stress, it is easier to reduce your pain, too.

      With a whole-person approach, the doctor also helps you perform better in your work, maintain healthy relationships, and lead a complete life.


      Herniated Disc

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      A bulging or herniated disc can lead to immense discomfort and pain. A shock or stress on the disc can cause rupturing and might also press on the nerve structures. Dr. Franson chiropractor treats patients with herniated discs using a natural, safe, and conservative technique. As a result, he helps in relieving pressure on the nerves, restoring lost function, and alienating the pain. By manually reducing the stress in the spine, your healing process begins faster and assures a better recovery for the future.


      Back Pain

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      Back pain can affect the quality of your life, reduce your work performance, and diminish your happiness quotient. Dr. Franson chiropractor strives to diagnose the real cause of your back pain with a series of questions and diagnostic tests. Instead of prescribing a long list of medications, he offers non-toxic, non-surgical, and safe chiropractic care.

      Along with treating your back pain, the doctor also offers lifestyle counseling with postural and behavioral habit changes to reduce the possibility of pain in the future. With his holistic approach, Dr. Franson can restore bodily function and heal your system entirely.


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      Subluxation occurs when one vertebra in your spine moves out of its position. It can be a result of an injury or functional or structural articular changes. Dr. Franson’s chiropractic adjustments correct subluxation and restore function. His gentle and effective techniques can reduce your pain and ensure that the joint is in its right position.

      The chiropactor also recommends an individual treatment plan and lifestyle changes to avoid painful problems in the future. As a result, you can lead a healthy life and say goodbye to your pain without any medications.


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      Compression of the sciatic nerve can lead to shooting pain, known as Sciatica. With Dr. Franson’s gentle and precise adjustments, the circulation around the tissues improves, and the pain subsides. His gentle realignment of the lumbar discs helps them resume their normal position and enables you to restore your normal body functions. Proper spinal alignment also helps to control the pain and avoids mild issues from turning into painful problems in the future.

      When you experience persistent pain from the buttocks down to the legs, give Dr. Franson a call.

      Can Franson Chiropractic help you?

      We’re one of Houston’s most trusted and affordable chiropractic offices; we give you a plan to help get the best possible results. We know that many people are nervous when visiting a walk in chiropractor for the first time, so we explain everything every step of the way and we only accept those patients for care that we sincerely believe we can help. Let us find out if we can help you today!

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