How long will you keep ignoring your body pain and suffering?

If you think taking pills is the only solution to ease your pain, you may be wrong.

Pills only cover up the pain by affecting your body’s central nervous system. They affect how you think, feel and behave. But they don’t treat the underlying cause.

Wouldn’t it be better to find an alternative to those expensive and continual medicines?

Dr. Brett Franson’s chiropractic care in Houston, TX, uses gentle, traditional therapeutic techniques that leverage the body’s natural healing powers.

We offer advanced chiropractic care in houston texas.

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Chiropractic care is a practice that uses manual therapy, such as spinal manipulations, to help heal the body.

Additionally, it renews your lifestyle while improving your body’s well-being and reducing the need for frequent doctor visits.

These manipulations use particular joint areas with adequate pressure to relieve you of the pain and stress forever. Whether it’s alignment problems or recurring pain, Dr. Brett Franson’s chiropractic treatment can help you overcome any difficulty.

The Chiropractic Experience At Dr. Franson’s

When you visit Dr. Franson’s clinic in Houston, TX, you will immediately see the results of his therapeutic sessions.

With over 30 years of research-backed experience, he can easily detect the cause of your pain, remedy it, and provide alternative solutions and better lifestyle choices.

His holistic approach to treating body pain involves not only looking after your physical health but also your physiological health. By understanding your history, Dr. Franson provides customized treatment to every patient.

Pain in any body part can be overwhelming. It interferes with your daily activities. It prevents you from being your productive best.

It even affects your relationships with others. So, the most effective way to get a better life is to get rid of the pain from its roots. That is why Dr. Franson aims to find out the cause and eliminate it so that you can live a happy and worry-free life.

advanced chiropractic care houston tx

When Should You Visit Dr. Franson

Dr. Franson specializes in all types of pain-related issues. He can treat almost any bodily pain that is bothering you. Some of the most common types of pain that his patients visit him for are:

  • Chronic Pain

    Any pain that lasts more than 12 weeks is not regular and needs immediate treatment. Visit Dr. Franson’s clinic in Houston, TX, for effective solutions.

  • Migraines

    Affecting more than 39 million Americans, migraines have a debilitating effect on the body and the mind.

  • Back Pain

    Long hours of sitting in front of the computer and a sedentary lifestyle are the leading causes of back pain that can slowly damage your system. Get it corrected right away.

  • Sciatica

    A sciatic nerve pain starts at the lower back. It gradually travels to your legs, causing immense pain in almost half your body.

  • Neck Pain

    Often the most common complaint, due to today’s requirement of using devices, untreated neck pain can cause severe damage later in life.

  • Subluxation

    This condition leads to a vertebra misaligning or dislocating from its position leading to severe stress and pain on the spine.

  • Herniated Discs

    Most people don’t even realize they have a herniated disc, which can cause severe pain in the back, neck, or even legs.

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Where Can You Find Houston TX Chiropractor Dr. Franson

Dr. Franson serves several locations in the greater Houston area to include:



Energy Corridor


George Bush Park & Eldridge

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