Dr. Brett Franson provides specialized chiropractic therapy backed by trusted results!

Get out your golf clubs, hop on a bike, explore nature’s trails over the 26,000 acres of lush, open green spaces of the Energy Corridor district, part of the Harris County. If you’re suppressing bodily pain due to any reason and want to get back to doing the things you love, then find a way to eliminate it.

Chiropractic treatment is highly recommended to reduce the pain and eventually remove it. As a trusted chiropractor in the community, Dr. Brett Franson provides effective and safe remedies for a range of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders such as back or neck pain and migraines.

His treatment involves understanding the patient’s medical history to provide the right chiropractic treatment. With over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and curing pain due to injuries or disorders trust him to tackle the source of pain and reducing your dependency on drugs.

Dr. Franson’s time-tested procedures provides patients exclusive and individualized treatment plans in apartments and communities like such as Parkway Villages, Terraces on Memorial, and Lakes on Parkway including including AMLI on Eldridge Parkway, Broadstone Memorial, and Eclipse.

His treatment plans will help you with:

  • Improved mobility

  • Instant relief

  • Restored functioning

  • Long-term well-being

Dr. Franson is a renowned name in the chiropractic industry of Texas. Having worked with the best healthcare practitioners across the state, he focuses on best practices for successful treatment.

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    Dr. Franson’s Chiropractic Services in Energy Corridor, Houston, TX

    Dr. Franson addresses a range of pain-related issues by leveraging the body’s natural healing power. His services include:


    Migraines have a debilitating impact on your mental and physical health. Untreated migraines can pull down your productivity.

    If you’re a professional who desires an exceptional quality of life Dr. Franson’s chiropractic care in Energy Corridor, Houston, is your ideal option to overcome any chronic form of headache/pain. He ensures that his patients walk out with a restored neuro-spinal system that eliminates migraines permanently. It is time you prioritize chiropractic care over temporary solutions.

    Chronic Pain

    Dr. Franson’s safe clinical methods can address any form of chronic pain, whether from an injury or a lifestyle habit. If the pain persists beyond 12 weeks, it can lead to:

    • Loss of mobility

    • Reduced energy and stamina

    • Depression tendencies


    By treating each case individually, Dr. Franson’s methods gradually lessen the pain and ultimately make them disappear.

    Neck Pain

    Lifestyle habits, such as using the phone too much and sitting in the wrong posture, is the leading cause of neck pain today. Both adults, as well as the youth, can choose chiropractic treatment to ease the pain. As a resident in Energy Corridor of Houston, Dr. Franson’slocal and trusted chiropractic solutions can benefit your neck mobility.

    Herniated Disc

    A herniated disc, or bulging disc, can affect your back, neck, legs, or arms. Surprisingly, many people who suffer from this condition are not aware of it. Dr. Franson’s treatment involves non-invasive spinal adjustments to relieve the pressure on the disc and repair the damage.

    Back Pain

    Severe back pains interfere with your normal activities such as sleeping or sitting and even cause unnecessary stress and strain. Chiropractic care looks at non-surgical and drug-free ways to help patients regain their well-being through:

    • Postural analysis

    • Motion testing

    • Strength and balance checks

    • Spinal and nerve function testing

    Give your backache the care it needs from Dr. Franson, the leading chiropractor in Energy Corridor, Houston.

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    Any dislocation of the vertebrae can impact the normal functioning of its surrounding areas. Dr. Franson’s rehabilitation plans are geared to restore joint back into its proper position and release its stress and tension. You will notice a change from the first day itself and full recovery a few days.


    Any damage to the sciatic nerve can cause pain (sciatica). As a top-notch chiropractor in Energy Corridor, Houston, Dr. Franson can accurately locate the source of the pain and provide effective treatment techniques. Through gentle methods, he will ensure you can quickly return to normalcy.

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