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Hop on your bicycles and take an adventure along the 11.36-mile long trail at the George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston. Stretch your legs, jog, play soccer or ride around Buffalo Bayou. If you have a body ache that is stopping you from experiencing this beautiful park spread over 7,800 acres, there is an effective way to cure it forever.

Chiropractic treatment see chiropractors in houston tx, “near me” for pain relief offers you a stress-free, drug-free, convenient and soothing way to overcome any form of body pain. For any neuro-musculoskeletal disorders such as chronic pain or migraines, head to Dr. Brett Franson’s clinic, one of the finest chiropractors in Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston.

Dr. Franson has been providing a wholesome therapeutic experience in his three-decade-long career. With the best practices in the field of chiropractic, he focuses on utilizing the body’s natural healing power rather than depend on drugs.

Dr. Franson’s seasoned chiropractic care can benefit residents in Eldridge – West Oaks, golfers at Topgolf or even regulars at the Westheimer Community Church. Make your pain disappear so that you can score some points at the park’s huge soccer and baseball fields.

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    Dr. Franson is an eminent name in the chiropractic industry of Texas. His chiropractic sessions will help you in these areas:

    • Better mobility

    • Faster relief

    • Restored functioning

    • Better quality of life

    Dr. Franson’s Chiropractic Services in George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston, TX

    Dr. Franson can cure a variety of body pains by leveraging its internal energy. His services include:


    Migraines cause pain not just in your head but also in your personal and professional lives. If you wish to hike through the lush green areas of George Bush Park, you should consider Dr. Franson’s chiropractic for long-term results. You won’t ever have to bear pulsating headaches for another day. You can even say goodbye to over-the-counter drugs.

    Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain can arise due to any injury or lifestyle habit that has been ignored for more than 12 weeks. Dr. Franson uses non-invasive and clinically approved methods to treat chronic pains. Within a few days you will see your mobility improving and stamina increasing. By carefully considering the history of each case, Dr. Franson ensures he provides the best treatment.

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    Neck Pain

    Ignoring pain in the neck can lead to severe issues. If you have been intending to go for a hike trail but a neck pain has been preventing you, consult your local chiropractor in George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston. Dr. Franson ensures to heal your pain and guide you on better lifestyle habits for enhanced neck mobility.

    Herniated Disc

    A herniated disc tends to go undetected because people don’t always know they have it. It can happen in your back, neck, arms, or legs. Dr. Franson gently treats your spinal cord by making adjustments that relieve the pressure on the disc and repair the damage.

    Back Pain

    Back pain has become a concern for not just for the elderly but also the youth of today. Get your back in shape at Dr. Franson’s so that you can make time to visit the wildlife habitat or shooting range at George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston. His treatment includes postural analysis, motion testing, strength and balance checks, and spinal and nerve function testing. Trust the acclaimed services of the leading chiropractor in George Bush Park/Eldridge, Houston.

    neck-pain near me


    When your vertebra gets dislocated, it even causes trouble in the surrounding areas. Dr. Franson’s techniques help restore the vertebra in place and release the stress and tension around it.


    Dr. Franson’s years of experience are useful in quickly detecting the exact areas that need to be treated. Damage to the sciatic nerve leads to sciatica. Dr. Franson will diagnose and administer the right treatment so that you can quickly return to your normal activities.

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