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Memorial, Houston, houses several private and public schools such as Bunker Hill Elementary School and Memorial Private High School. As a busy neighborhood with lots of active lifestyles you need to make sure your health is at optimal capacity. If any kind of body pain is preventing you from living your life to the fullest, it’s time to visit your local chiropractor in Memorial, Houston, TX.

Dr. Brett Franson caters to a wide range of residents living in and around Memorial, Houston, for all types of pain. Without the use of any drugs, Dr. Franson’s chiropractic treatment will work wonders on your body so that you are fit enought to walk all of Memorial City Mall or Buffalo Bayou Park. His approach is to use the body’s natural healing abilities.

Chiropractic care is a time-tested way to treat disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. It is vital to manage these in time so that they do not interfere with your daily life or cause significant problems in the future by ignoring it.

Your body deserves the best treatment it can get. Opt for a Houston, TX chiropractor for these benefits:

  • Drug-free way to become healthier

  • Efficient results

  • Improved range of motion


Dr. Franson has been a chiropractor for over 30 years and has worked with top medical professionals in Texas. With his comprehensive chiropractic sessions, you can indulge in sporting activities such as golf at Nottingham Park or basketball at Bendwood Park.

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    Dr. Franson’s Chiropractic Services in Memorial, Houston, TX

    Restore your lost bodily function through Dr. Franson’s spine-focused therapeutic sessions. His services include:


    Over 39 million Americans suffering from migraine, and most of them resort to drugs to mask the pain. Why not contact the leading chiropractor in Memorial, Houston, who will treat your migraines without any drugs? Dr. Franson’s approach is to understand the root cause of the pain rather than just treat the symptoms. His chiropractic methods will address the malfunctioning body part, which is causing the migraine.

    Chronic Pain

    Any pain that persists beyond 12 weeks is chronic pain. Visit Dr. Franson’s clinic to understand the reason behind the pain and how to overcome it. With your new and improved mobility and stamina, you can have fun with your family and contribute to Memorial’s status as the top neighborhood to live in Texas.

    Neck Pain

    Neck pain can occur due to several reasons such as excessive usage of the phone or laptop, or bad sitting or sleeping postures. Though ointments and medications may temporarily reduce the pain, they don’t address the real problem. Consult Dr. Franson for the best practices in chiropractic to treat your pain before it turns to chronic pain or your body loses its normal function.

    Herniated Disc

    If you feel a gripping, burning or electric sensation of pain in your arm or leg, it could be due to a herniated disc. As a renowned chiropractor in Memorial, Houston, Dr. Franson is specially trained to treat such types of pain gently and effectively through spinal adjustments. He also advises you on how to live a better lifestyle to avoid such cases in the future.

    Back Pain

    Back pain could happen due to many reasons and to people at any age. Being a spinal pain, it can crumble your entire body’s functioning. By conducting postural analysis, motion testing, and spinal and nerve function testing, Dr. Franson looks for the best way to eliminate the pain.


    Vertebral dislocation is called subluxation. Since the pain spreads to nearby areas, it is advisable to take help from Dr. Franson, a leading chiropractor in Memorial, Houston. You will also see a reduction in headache, back pain, whiplash, and leg pain.


    Sciatica is damage caused because of irritation to the sciatic nerve. His therapy seeks to re-align the spine and take the pressure off the nerve without any invasive instruments or drugs. If you are experiencing numbness in the legs or a shooting pain in the sciatic nerve, it’s time to visit your local chiropractor in Memorial, Houston.


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