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Improve your body’s ability to heal itself naturally by doing a simple search for “Find a chiropractor near me” and scheduling an appointment to receive trusted chiropractic care from a practitioner. If you are considering pain management or a chiropractor in the Briar Forest Houston area, you have come to the right place.

Chiropractic techniques Briar Forest chiropractor in Houston tx- Briar Forest chiropractic care – chiropractor near me – Franson chiropractic provide instant relief and efficient results eliminating symptoms associated with all neuro-musculoskeletal ailments such as neck pain, back pain, migraines, and many more.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, Dr. Brett Franson can provide you with therapies that are natural, drug-free, and safe for long-term healing and well-being. Dr. Brett Franson’s time-tested procedures are gentle, precise, and impeccable, improving your quality life and restoring normal function. His holistic approach towards his patients make him a standout chiropractor in Houston with trusted results.

While you’re in the area, be sure to stop by the Galleria Mall for some shopping, Westheimer Road for a ton of fine dining options or even Terry Hershey Park. You won’t have any regrets with visiting Houston’s Briar Forest area for your next appointment with Dr. Franson

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    Dr. Franson’s Chiropractor Services in Briar Forest, Houston, TX

    Dr. Franson leverages his expertise in several pain-relieving techniques focusing on the spine to ensure quick, progressive results with long-term well-being. His services include:

    Neck Pain

    Neck pain is considered as a common complaint among all age groups, resulting from poor lifestyles such as a wrong posture or too much texting or using phone, or stress. Sometimes it can be a result of a fall, injury, whiplash, or contact sports. Both adults and youth can benefit from chiropractic care to improve your neck mobility with Dr. Franson’s trusted chiropractic solutions in Briar Forest, Houston, TX.

    Neck Pain


    Migraine is a neurological condition characterized by debilitating headaches that can immensely affect your productivity and quality of life. With his holistic approach, Dr. Franson can detect the root cause of migraines and treat the condition by restoring the neuro-spinal system that provides long-term benefits.

    If you are looking forward to a healthy life and higher productivity, book an appointment at Dr. Franson’s clinic located near Briar Forest, Houston, TX.

    Herniated Disc

    Herniated discs often lead to immense pain and discomfort in the neck, back, that even radiates to the arms and legs. This condition is most common among golfers. Dr. Franson’s approach towards herniated discs with spinal adjustments can aptly treat the condition. Consult him for a non-invasive treatment for herniated discs in Briar Forest, Houston, TX.

    Chronic Pain

    If pain persists for more than 12 weeks, it is considered chronic. Injuries or lifestyle-related activities can contribute to such chronic pain in various parts of the body. Dr. Franson’s chiropractic therapy with personalized care approach can help in effectively reducing the pain.

    Back Pain

    Back pain can often interfere with the daily activities affecting the quality of life. Dr. Franson’s approach with postural analysis, motion testing, strength, and balance checks, and spinal and nerve function testing helps treat the condition and improves mobility.

    Serving the Briar Forest, Houston community, he offers the best chiropractic care for back pain.

    Neck Pain


    A misalignment or partial dislocation of the vertebrae is known as subluxation. Subluxation is common among adults over the age of 40. It can cause pain in the surrounding areas and is a cause of concern. Dr. Franson’s chiropractic techniques can restore your vertebra into position with minimal discomfort.


    Injury or trauma to the sciatic nerve can cause sciatica, which can lead to chronic pain. As an experienced chiropractor, Dr. Franson can provide effective treatment strategies to keep your pain at bay. Consult him at his clinic in Briar Forest, Houston.

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    If you are living in Briar Forest, Buffalo Bayou, Gessner, Westheimer, or Dairy Ashford, Dr. Franson’s clinic is within reach for you to quickly access and benefit from his expertise and personalized care for any injury-related issues.

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