What a pain in the neck!

Have you ever woken up with a crick or a stiff feeling in your neck or back? This acute neck pain is somewhat a common complaint of sufferers who feel it first upon waking.

According to the Practical Pain Management publication, “Neck pain is an annual occurrence that affects 30% of the time among adults in the US; and among this nearly 50% of individuals will continue to experience some degree of chronic neck pain or frequent occurrences through life.”

The cause of neck pain can vary from a myofascial pain or strain to myelopathy.

Although there are many causes for this type of pain, this article focuses on the most common causes, rather than the more ‘exotic’ issues leading to acute neck pain.

a woman having neck painWhat Is the Most Common Cause of Acute Neck Pain?

Almost everyone would agree that STRESS would be a significant cause of most of the health issues. And pretty much no one even challenges the reason without understanding few things such as:

  • What is its mechanism?
  • How, exactly, does stress cause health problems?
  • What is stress?

There are many statements defining stress. However, even the best chiropractor in Houston will agree that stress is “Anything that stimulates change in some way.”

“When the body subjects to stress, tissues tend to tighten up in a fight or flight response.”

This well-respected and notable Houston TX chiropractor says that stress isn’t necessarily the issue. The individual’s ability to handle it is.

When the body subjects to stress, tissues tend to tighten up in a fight or flight response. This acute neck pain stress maybe just mental or emotional.

Acute vs. Chronic Stress

Stress can be experienced in two forms:

Man in depression 1. Acute stress:

This form of stress is short-term that can be intense or mild. As long as we can successfully adapt to it, there is no problem. Acute stress is actually responsible for all injuries.

2. Chronic stress:

Chronic is the type of stress that has been going on for a long time, typically three months or more. It is long term and can also be intense or mild. This type of stress is generally involved in symptoms that come and go for seemingly no good reason.

The Three Categories of Stress: Physical, Chemical, Mental/Emotional

Physical stress

This form of stress is any stress that affects our senses, which include posture, exercise, injury, trauma, even surgeries are all considered types of physical stress.

Chemical stress

Chemical stress refers to the chemistry that we are exposed to and ingest. Air, water, medications, vaccines, drugs, even food are all considered chemical stresses.

Mental/Emotional stress

Mental stress has to do with your mind and feelings. Any neck pain chiropractor in Houston would recommend that these are responsible for a majority of health issues in modern society.

Knowing these things, which would you say, is responsible for your your neck pain?

The Diagnosis

pain diagnosis

Many times people who wake up with neck pain think they must have slept wrong.

Although the wrong posture during sleep may contribute to the pain in the neck upon waking, it’s typically the body’s response to the stresses of the previous days.

This stress tightens up the muscles during sleep leading to a loss of normal function.

Treating symptoms with medications can only inhibit the healing process, never promote it.

Restoring normal function (which causes pain) rather than just seeking pain relief should be the ultimate goal. “This is so as simply alleviating the pain doesn’t equal improving your health,” says Dr. Franson.

With the help of Dr. Franson, the best chiropractor in Houston, TX, you can achieve this goal.

How Chiropractic Care Can Be So Helpful to You

Spinal adjustments by a chiropractor can help to relieve acute neck pain by restoring the normal function. A chiropractor adjusts the function of the spine (neck) with the help of his hand, which is the only goal of a Chiropractic Adjustment.

Adjustments restore lost function. This adjustment, in turn, promotes changes in your body you may call ‘healing’ or ‘recovery.’

Regularly receiving spinal adjustments, over time, helps restore movement. As the movement is gradually restored, the necessity for pain lessens.

It typically takes less time to restore function than the length of time it took to lose it, especially in the case of chronic stress.

Acute stress that leads to injury can cause a lot of symptoms, all of which ARE NECESSARY for healing to occur.

“Regularly receiveing spinal adjustments help restore movement.”

Understand This: Many a Times Healing Requires Symptoms to Show

neck pain treatment in HoustonYes, it requires symptoms. Stopping that process also prevents the symptoms associated with the healing process, so you feel better, but that’s not the real case.

You may feel the desire to simply reach out for that bottle of pills as it is a quick, convenient, and cheap option. But, not just the temporary relief, your body deserves more from you.

Choose chiropractic care, which is over 120 years and has helped tens of millions of people. They have not just got “some” relief, but have actually restored whatever they have lost.

If you are in and around Houston searching for advanced chiropractic near me, then we have helped many people with neck pain restore their health, function, and vitality.

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