Golf is a challenging sport. A golf swing often requires an extreme compressive force (up to 10 times a person’s body weight) exerted on the spine. Golfers of all ages and skill levels share a common musculoskeletal problem; Low back pain (LBP). Low back pain accounts for about 25% of all golf injuries.

Statistics reveal that around 26 million people report playing golf at least once every year in the United States. It is estimated that 15% to 35% of amateur golfers and up to 55% of professional golfers might experience lower back injuries. Apart from that amateur golfers may also experience elbow injuries.

Studies also suggest that golf could aggravate pre-existing back pain due to the forceful nature of the movements associated with playing and practicing golf regularly.

Golfers are finding chiropractic care to be a valuable tool to help them deal with back injuries. An individualized chiropractic care Houston Chiropractor, Dr. Brett Franson, can help you maintain good health and also a competitive edge.

 “Golf could aggravate pre-existing back pain due to the forceful nature of the movements associated with playing.”

It Starts With The Swing

In the case of a right-handed golfer, a golf swing involves slow, deliberate rotation of the trunk away from the target on the backswing, which is followed by a very powerful rotation of the trunk towards the left on the downswing.

Other spinal motions besides rotation, an aggressive axial twisting has been identified as a significant risk factor for LBP. 

Major Contributing Factors For LBP From Golf

The specific causes contributing to LBP are multi-factorial. The biomechanical elements involved in a typical golf swing are sufficient enough to create stress on the lumbar spine that can potentially injure the intervertebral discs.

Golf-related low back pain is more than trauma associated with a single swing. It is more related to cumulative load due to repetition. Spinal stress from golf primarily affects the trailside and gradually leads to degenerative changes of the trailside lumbar facet joints and vertebral bodies.

Golfers with LBP typically “slouch” appear to have abnormal trunk muscle recruitment patterns and less muscle endurance. 

How Can Golfers Benefit From Chiropractic Care

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Prevention and recovery-focused techniques from a chiropractor can help injured golfers get off the couch and back on the green.

Consistent spinal adjustments can avoid injuries in the first place.

Periodic adjustments keep the neck and back aligned correctly, creating less negative impact from awkward positioning of the golf swing. 

It helps in speedy recovery as well.

A Golf Injury Can Heal Quicker With Chiropractic Care

Most often, many of the golfer’s turn to over-the-counter medications to gain relief and comfort. These medications can provide only temporary relief.

An expert chiropractor like Dr. Franson can help treat the origin of the pain with few manual spinal adjustments, and also work on the joints and surrounding tissue that can cause pain and hinder the healing.

Chiropractic evaluation often considers treating the entire body, which can promote quicker healing of the injury. 

What to Expect from your Chiropractor?

back treatmentChiropractor in Houston Dr. Brett Franson offers a 3 step treatment for your Golf-related low back pain.

Step 1:

He begins with comprehensive questioning to discover what is going on with you. It is followed by a neuro-spinal analysis, which includes a postural analysis with a full range of motion testing, spinal and nerve function testing, as well as strength and balance checks.

Step 2:

After the exam, your stress patterns are analyzed, and the chiropractor comes up with an individualized care plan.

Step 3:

Sessions of gentle and precise spinal adjustments are delivered to restore lost function and release the stress in your nervous system.

“Chiropractic evaluation considers treating the entire body.”

How to Alleviate Back Pain If You’re a Regular Golfer

Mobility is essential for a good golf game. Stiff joints and a weak back not only mess with your golf game but can also end up causing an injury. A regular chiropractic treatment keeps the body loose and strong with improved motility, which can prevent injuries and increases the chances of playing the game.

It’s a good idea to warm up and stretch before playing. You need to stay hydrated and avoid overexertion. Strengthen your abdominal as well as back muscles and watch your swing posture.

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