Subluxation Treatment in Houston

In a healthy pain-free spine, the 24 vertebrae, coccyx bone and sacrum stack on top of one another in a properly centered alignment. However, different life experiences can cause forceful movements which can take one or more vertebrae out of the alignment.

Subluxation is the misalignment of vertebrae in relation to the others. It also refers to the partial dislocation of the vertebrae.

The loss of normal position interferes with the normal function of the surrounding joints and tissues, too.

When your spinal vertebrae are out of position, it causes stress and irritation on the nearby nerves. It prevents your body to function correctly and causes pain. It also affects your overall health and well-being. Subluxation is common among adults over the age of 40.

Dr. Brett Franson is a leading chiropractor in Houston who treats patients with vertebral subluxation. Since the condition affects the communication between the brain and body, effective treatment is essential to bring back normal function.

Whole-Person Approach and Customized Treatment Plan

Dr. Franson doesn’t just consider the painful part of your body for the treatment. Instead, he uses a holistic approach wherein he treats the entire body as a whole unit. By asking the right questions, he tries to understand the real source of your pain and find the right solutions.

At his Chiropractic Clinic in Houston, he treats every patient with a customized treatment plan not just to eradicate symptoms, but also resume lost function.

When subluxation is a result of an acute or traumatic injury, a subluxation of the joint can be extremely painful. It can also cause damage to the structures that support the joint. In such cases, the doctor uses gentle and effective techniques to reduce your pain and ensuring that the joint is back in the proper position. 

What are the Causes of Subluxation?

The common causes of subluxation include stress, toxins, and physical injury. While playing sports or sleeping in an awkward position, trauma can lead to subluxation. When you consume a poor diet, the toxins and chemicals in the food can damage your internal balance and cause muscles to contract.

Stress is of the most common causes of subluxation in modern times. Prolonged tension can cause the muscles around your neck and upper back to tighten.

Conditions resulting from Subluxation:

Neck pain and back pain are often a result of subluxation. When we treat your subluxation, you can find relief from painful symptoms, resulting from:

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Chiropractic Care in Houston with Dr. Brett Franson

When we diagnose you with subluxation, Dr. Franson prepares an individual plan with a non-invasive approach. He will help you regain mobility and lost function by releasing the stress and tension in your spine. As a result, you will notice healing as soon as you get off the table. With time, the healing process will progressively continue. The doctor’s simple and straight-forward approach without using extensive medicines and odd contraptions has helped many patients over the years. With hands-on skills, experience, and immense knowledge, he will show you the way to better health!

Steps in Your Treatment:

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In the initial consultation, the doctor will ask you a series of questions to identify the real cause of your problem and pain

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Next, he will conduct a series of tests, including palpation and radiography. The manual exam and x-rays help in identifying the pain and its cause.

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By checking the spine, the doctor can determine what’s going on with your alignment. Muscle testing might also be a part of your diagnosis.

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The doctor identifies the subluxed spinal joint by the restricted or decreased motion in your body

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Then, the doctor begins your treatment plan and uses the gentlest chiropractic techniques to bring back your function

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He also recommends a few changes in your diet and lifestyle to lead a healthier life in the future.

Dr. Brett Franson is one of the most reputed and knowledgeable chiropractors in Houston with 30+ years of experience. With his holistic approach, he can diagnose the root of the problem and restore your bodily functions for the long term.

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