When you find yourself searching “chiropractor near me in Houston, TX” online, it means one of two things. You’re either well-acquainted with the benefits of routine adjustments and would like to schedule another appointment, or you’re suffering from intense pain. Whichever one you are, finding the right chiropractor is more important than just choosing the one closest to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a Houston chiropractor.

Decide Why You Need To Find a Houston, TX Chiropractor

why you need to see a houston tx chiropractorYour search for a chiropractor near you begins with an internal evaluation.

Why have you decided that a chiropractor is right for you? Was one recommended by your doctor to treat chronic pain? Have you decided to visit a chiropractor for pain relief to avoid being prescribed more medication from a doctor?

Do you routinely injure yourself in sports and want to know you have a go-to option for pain relief? Do you suffer from migraines?

Ask yourself these questions to understand your goal for chiropractic care.

Consider Different Types

In response to varying needs, a chiropractor in Houston, TX may specialize in different treatment options.

Some perform routine treatment for patients who just want to relieve stress or enjoy greater overall comfort. Others are dedicated in offering medication-free pain relief while some doctors may provide hybrid treatments that include acupuncture or cup therapy.

Note that even without adding hybrid treatments into the mix, chiropractors may use different tools. If you find that one is more effective with you than others, be sure to find out from each potential practice what their procedure involves.

Ask for Recommendations

ask for chiropractor houston tx recommendationsIf your doctor, coach, or another professional recommended chiropractic services to you, ask if they have a specific doctor in mind. Chances are that they know someone or have been visiting a well-recommended doctor themselves.

Professionals who do not work in the medical field are often reluctant to recommend a doctor due to liability reasons, so don’t be surprised if you meet some resistance.

The person may not be dodging your questions to be impolite or unhelpful. They may just want to ensure they never say anything that may constitute medical advice. For this reason, your doctor or a nurse make better options.

Check Online Reviews for Chiropractors in Houston, TX

Once you find a few good candidates, use online reviews to create your shortlist. Look beyond the numbers.

A company may have a five-star reputation developed from a handful of reviews. These may come from people who double as both patients and friends who are lending support. Look for a doctor with more reviews, even if the rating is lower.

Go through the reviews to get a feel for the following:

  • Why people recommend this Houston, TX chiropractor
  • What problems patients bring up
  • How the doctor or office responds to criticism
  • A particular pattern of complaints
  • Conditions people saw the chiropractor(s) to get treated

Check Trusted Websites For a Chiropractor Near Me

how to find a chiorpractor near me houston txIf the chiropractor you were recommended does not have a lot of reviews, this does not necessarily mean they aren’t qualified to treat you. The doctor may have started a new practice or only just opened this specific location near you. Trusted websites can help to fill in the gaps here.

A few of the most common ones that could provide you with useful information are as follows:

  • ZocDoc
  • Vitals
  • Healthgrades
  • AngiesList

Verify the Credentials

The prevalence of medical errors is a growing problem in America. In fact, it is considered the third-leading cause of death. Chiropractic services are safer than most other types of medicine and errors are less frequent and less dangerous. Even so, you should double-check a doctor’s reputation across state lines if they do not have a longstanding practice in Texas. Run the doctor’s name through Google. Check to ensure their licenses are active and that they have not been suspended in other states.

At Franson Chiropractic, we help patients treat and manage their pain. Our holistic treatment plans help many people  give up their pain medications or reduce their dependence on them. As the opioid crisis continues to sweep through America and shows strong roots in prescription medicine, it is no wonder that looking for a chiropractor Houston TX is a priority for many. Make your appointment with us today.

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